1. Missions

Missions are home to some of the most exciting moments in the game – from furious freeway tanker truck takedowns to harrowing helicopter chase sequences. But there are other incredible benefits to get players started:

  • Earn Gold from completing missions to expedite opening timed cases or purchasing new cases or cards from the shop.
  • Earn Stars from completing missions to open a special reward case that gets better with every unlock, providing more and rare cars.
  • Having a tough time in a mission? Play Versus to earn cases which can contain upgrade cards or even new cars!

2. Challenges

Challenges are the key to earning large amounts of in-game cash rewards, the secondary currency of the game, which players need to Upgrade and Repair their cars. There are two challenges at launch, with more planned for the future:

  • Distance challenges players to reach checkpoints in the shortest amount of time possible, but it won’t be easy. Obstacles are everywhere, from traffic to construction equipment.
    • Vehicles with good Handling, Speed and Boost are useful in this mode. (Street, Sport)
    • If players are taking a lot of damage in an early run, they shouldn’t give up! Every 3rd checkpoint will refill their health!
  • Takedown challenges players to knock out opponent vehicles continuously to keep a timer alive.
    • Vehicles with good Armor and Attack are useful in this mode. (Muscle, Custom)

3. Versus Mode

Versus is the home of competition in this game. Winning a race will earn players both Respect and a Reward Case. Earn enough Respect and ascend to the next league that increases the amount of bonuses earned from each case.

  • To increase odds of success in a match, keep a look out for short cuts which are often hidden behind chain-link fences.


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